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After you purchase your Pelvic Floor Exerciser you will receive a FREE eBook valued at £9.99 


After purchase, you will receive an eBook which contains 10 things which you may be doing on a daily basis which is weakening your Pelvic Floor thus causing those unwanted leaks. It also includes tips & tricks you can easily implement in your day to day life to help improve your Pelvic Floor along side the Pelvic Floor Exerciser.




Enjoy these Benefits 


  • Reduce risk of prolapse/aid prolapse - As a result of strengthening your  Pelvic Floor, you reduce the risk of serious complications in the future which may require invasive surgeries.

  • Improves social confidence & quality of life - Regain peace of mind when you're around friends & family. 

  • No more leaks when you apply pressure to your bladder  - Freely cough, sneeze and laugh without leaking.

  • Avoid fungal infections & rashes from pads/diapers - These are temporary solutions which do not fix the root cause & can cause more problems after long term use.

  • Great for an Over-Reactive bladder, Stress & urge incontinence - A weak Pelvic Floor is the root cause behind these issues.


    Femvaults have been proven to be the most cost-effective solution to regaining a leak free life. Other products on the market are invasive and cost roughly 5x more the amount Femvaults costs to deliver the exact same solution. 



    Here’s what some of our past customers have to say








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    It's a fact that 97% of women who have used Femvaults have seen some sort of improvements with their leakage. New research also shows that you can train your Pelvic Floor Muscles with external resistance. It is no surprise why we are the  UK’s leading external Pelvic Floor Exerciser Brand.



    "Helping my prolapse making me feel more confident & happy"


    Femvaults acts as weights for your Pelvic Floor. It allows you to alter the resistance using the built in resistance controller. Your Pelvic Floor is a muscle which needs resistance to grow like any other muscle in your body.

    Femvaults is designed to target the root cause of bladder leaks & prolapse so you can drop the temporary fixes & regain control over your bladder again. 



    Why is a strong pelvic floor important ?


    Your Pelvic Floor muscles play an essential role in bladder control, core strength and intimate sensation.

    As you age, these muscles will only get weaker especially after giving birth causing problems such as bladder leaks, feeling of heaviness in your crotch area & prolapse.

    These problems will only continue to get worse if nothing is done about it.




    Note: If you have a small frame or weigh 40kg or below, then this product is not for you as it will be harder for you to keep the trainer in-between your legs. If you also have weak hips due to a medical condition and you don't think you will have the strengthen to execute the movement then the this product is also not for you.


    How does Femvaults train the Pelvic floor when it looks like only your bum muscles are being trained ?

    A lot of women cannot do their kegels because they cannot see their Pelvic Floor as it is an internal muscle. When using Femvaults, you are not just squeezing your bum, you are also squeezing your Pelvic Floor Muscles. Femvaults simply makes the process more tangible, easier and most importantly effective.

    I thought I didn't need to use anything for my Pelvic Floor Exercises ?

    1 in every 2 women who do their kegels do them incorrectly. This is because they cannot contract their Pelvic Floor Muscles properly on their own. Which means those leaks will most likely only get worse. Femvaults are for those who cannot do kegels on their own. 

    Using Femvaults with a Pelvic Floor condition ?

     If you have pelvic/back pain, we recommend you consult a health professional before purchasing Femvaults as they will be best placed to give advice that is specific to you. 


    I already have a prolapse. Can I still use the Femvaults ?

    Yes the trainer is suitable for people who already have a prolapse looking to improve their condition.


    Can men use the product ?

    Yes, the product is also suitable for men to use. 

    Does the order come in discreet packaging  ?

     Yes, all orders come in discreet packaging.

    What if I am not consistent with using Femvautls or what if I forget to use it ?

    If you suffer from leaks consistently or prolapse, that will be a constant reminder for you to do something about it.


    Am I having these issues as a result of a weak pelvic floor ? 

    Always check with a specialist before hand to ensure that your issues are linked to a weak pelvic floor. Getting a diagnosis will help you choose the right device to help.


    How to use 


    Note: all orders come with an instruction manual in the box. We also email you instructions on how to use Femvaults one day after purchase. 

    Femvaults is quite cumbersome which is what makes it effective however this may make it difficult for some people to use it properly.  It may take a few attempts to get use to the movement but once you get the hang of it which could take roughly 3 of 4 tries, it becomes easier to use.

    Most women see results from using the Femvaults while standing.


    Standing Practise

    1. Place the trainer in between your thighs (3-6cm below the butt).
    2. Lead the contraction with the Pelvic Floor muscles followed by the glutes.
    3. Hold for a couple of seconds then release.




    Kneeling Practise

  • With your feet open & your knees half bent, place the trainer so that the wings are pointing at your heels. 
  • Lead the contracting with the Pelvic Floor muscles followed by the glutes.
  • Hold for a couple of seconds then release.


    Bending Practise


  • Place the trainer inside of your hip while doing a plank, keeping your body parallel to the floor.
  • Tilt your pelvis back while lifting the abdomen at the same time then squeeze with the Pelvic Floor then release.




    When shall I use Femvaults ?

    It's best to get in a consistent daily routine when using Femvaults so you do not forget to use it. You can use it for 5 minutes as soon as you wake up or right before you go to bed. You will know if you are on the right track when the exercise becomes easier after the first couple of days.


    100 Day Money Back Guarantee


    We have so much confidence in Femvaults being capable of strengthening your Pelvic Floor muscles & putting a stop to any leaks or prolapses that we are willing to offer a 100 day money back guarantee. If you do not see results from Femvaults after using it consistently for 3 weeks, just email us so you can return the product free of charge and we will give your money back no questions asked. 



    Disclaimer: The information we provide is not intended as a substitute for medical advice. Femvaults LTD are not licensed medical care providers and represent that they have no expertise in diagnosing, examining, or treating medical conditions of any kind, or in determining the effect of any specific exercise on a medical condition. Always consult with your physician before beginning any exercise program.




    UK & Ireland returns come with a pre-paid returns label delivered within 7 working days. If you would like to return your product please contact us at support@femvaults.com and we will provide you with further instructions.


    Shipping & Delivery 


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    Ireland Shipping: 7 working days with Royal Mail


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