Our Story

Every story starts off from somewhere. This one started years ago when I was in my early 20s. Back then, I was nursing an elderly lady at a care home who had a horrific prolapse. I remember her telling me to "always look after down there". Her generation did not speak about such things and she had suffered for years with her condition which is unbearable to think about. I remember her telling me how things down there gradually got worse over time.

Being the young ignorant girl I was, I thought this would never happen to me and completely disregarded her advice. It was until I was diagnosed with a mild prolapse at the age of 44 which I remembered what the elderly lady told me all those years ago and started to look for treatments and solutions. 

However I found in my research that a lot of the products out there which treat incontinence where very expensive because of the modern technological twist they had to them. Thats when it occurred to me what if there was a product which was cheaper, effective & non invasive which still delivered the same solution as the other products on the market.

1 in 3 Woman will experience some of these problems in their life time. We wanted to create a product which helps strengthen the Pelvic Floor which is simple to use and effective. So we created Femvaults as a way to deliver exactly just that without letting our customers break the bank.