How This Breakthrough Exerciser Is Helping Thousands With Their Bladder Leaks


Did you know that prolapses and incontinence only gets worse over time if left untreated?

And it blows my mind that 1000s of women continue to purchase pads and diapers to mask the problem without doing anything to actually cure their problem.

Admittedly, I was one of those women who spent $100s if not $1000s on these pads.

Although they are fantastic short term solutions, they are terrible long term solutions as it can get very expensive and I always feared my prolapse reaching stage 4 which could have resulted in an operation as I felt like my condition was slowly diminishing. It was like a ticking time bomb, and I knew I needed to do something about it fast!


If you’re like me, you've probably researched other incontinence products and found that they are too expensive, invasive or they simply do not work. You may have also tried to do kegel exercises and found no success.

Did you know that 50% of women who do kegels do them incorrectly? This is largely due to the fact that they cannot effectively contract their Pelvic Floor muscles on their own or they need more resistance to be applied to their Pelvic Floor to allow enough muscle stimulus for the muscle to grow.

Your Pelvic Floor is a muscle which needs resistance to grow just like any other muscle in your body.

Femvaults Will Cure The Root Cause Of Your Bladder Leaks Or Prolapse

Your pelvic floor muscles are the muscles you use to stop yourself from urinating mid stream. A weak pelvic floor is the root cause of bladder leaks and prolapses. It is also responsible for holding in urine when you need to use the toilet. Over time these muscles weaken especially after pregnancy leading to those depressing, uncontrollable leaks.


A company called Femvaults stumbled across a breakthrough pelvic floor device which allowed me to firmly hold the exerciser under my bottom allowing me to effectively squeeze my pelvic floor muscles the same way I would do with kegels. It felt so much easier to contract my pelvic floor as the device made the movement more tangible. It simply just felt right!


This in return improved my bladder leaks in the first couple of days then eventually cured it for good after 3 weeks of consistently using the device for 5 minutes per day!


The Femvaults Pelvic Floor Exerciser acts as weights for your Pelvic Floor. It allows you to alter the resistance using the built in resistance controller. Your Pelvic Floor is a muscle and needs adequate resistance to grow just like any other muscle in your body. This is another reason why this breakthrough exerciser works so well.


It is the combination of having a tangible object under your bottom to help you execute your kegels effectively and the resistance controller which makes this device so good.


What Makes Femvaults Special ?

Most devices out there are very expensive and invasive which did not sound appealing to me.

Incontinence pads do not fix the root cause of bladder leaks and can be very expensive long term.

Some pelvic floor devices are complicated to set up and use with no guarantee of success.

Femvaults Pelvic Floor Exerciser is currently the only device on the market that is non - Invasive, cost effective and actually delivers thanks to the unique v - shaped design.

And the fact that it has been designed by a physiotherapist gave me the peace of mind that it is safe.

How Do You Use It For Best Results?

The Femvaults Pelvic Floor Exerciser Is quite cumbersome which is what makes it effective however this made it slightly hard for me to use it properly. It took me a few attempts to get used to the movement but once I got the hang of it, it became easier.

 I found that using it whilst standing yielded the best results for me. Here is what I did:


  1. 1. I placed the exerciser between my thighs just below my bottom and grabbed hold of it.

  2. 2. I then squeezed, thinking about my pelvic floor muscles contracting while squeezing.

  3. 3. I then held the squeeze for 1 second then released and repeated.


Usually I would do 4 sets of 20 repetitions then take a 30 second break in between my sets. If I found it too hard to do 20, I would decrease the resistance. If I found it too easy I would increase the resistance. Over time I noticed the exercise got easier and easier which was an indication that it was working and I noticed I was having less accidents!

Notice how I am not overly squeezing with my bottom and more so squeezing with my pelvic floor mucles. Remember, your pelvic floor muscles is internal. Femvaults simply makes the process more tangible, easier and effective.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still use Femvaults with my medical condition?

Weather you have an hip replacment or waiting to get a total hip replacememnt, hyterectomy or you have already had an prolapse operation, Fevmults is still totally fine to use however if your medical condiiton is causing you pelvic pain and causing your hips to be weak to the point where you think you won't be able to use the exerciser standing up right then we would not reccommend purchasing Femvaults. This is because you will struggle to properly execute the exercise with weak hips etc. If you have a more specific condiiton or still unsure weather you should use Femvaults, email us at

I already have a prolapse. Can I still use Femvaults? 

Yes the trainer is still suitable for people who already have a prolapse looking to improve their condition. A prolapsed bladder is casued by the weakening of the pelvic floor muscles. The more children you have the hgher the chances of prolapse occcuring. The likely hood of you developing prolapse also increases as you get older. Strenghteining your pelvic floor muscles is the best way to imrpove your prolapse.

How does Femvaults train the Pelvic floor when it looks like only your bum muscles are being trained ?

When using Femvaults, you are not primarily squeezing your bum, you are primarily squeezing with your pelvic floor muscles with a solid mind to muscle conneciton in mind. The video above is a good example of how it should look like. Femvaults simply makes the process more tangible, easier and effective.


I thought I didn't need to use anything for my Pelvic Floor Exercises ?

1 in 2 women cannot execute kegels correctly because they cannot see or feel their pelvic floor as it is an internal muscle. Femvailts are for those who cannot do kegels on their own as well as for those who want a more effective way of eliminating bladder leaks with the added resistance the exerciser provides.

Can pregnant women use Femvaults ? 

Yes the exerciser is safe for women to se during and after their pregnancy.

Can I still use Femvaults with a Pessary ?

Absolutely! it is likely more beneficial to do your pelvic floor muscle training with your pessary inserted, in the case of pelvic organ prolapse.

Does the order come in discreet packaging  ?

Yes, all orders come in discreet packaging.

What if I am not consistent with using Femvaults or what if I forget to use it ?

If you suffer from leaks consistently or prolapse, that will be a constant reminder for you to do something about it.

Can men use the product?

Yes, the product is also suitable for men to use.

100 Day Money Back Gaurantee

We have so much confidence in Femvaults being capable of strengthening your Pelvic Floor muscles & putting a stop to any leaks or prolapses that we are willing to offer a 100 day money back guarantee. If you do not see results from Femvaults after using it consistently for 3 weeks, just email us so you can return the product free of charge and we will give your money back no questions asked.